Problems in the search for adverse effects of meditation

Reports such as those described previously call for a deeper examination of meditation’s potential adverse effects. Thorough, systematic surveys post marketing surveillance-style studies need to be conducted, For this to be done properly, meditation instructors and organisations may be required to cooperate by providing comprehensive lists of those who have learnt or who currently practice meditation. In practice this may be difficult to achieve given the commercial interests of some organisations, the somewhat anti-establishmentarian views of those who practice in or participate in these organisations as well restrictions arising from privacy laws.

When decisions about a new intervention are being made, the net clinical benefit needs to be carefully assessed by balancing reported benefits and side effects. The CONSORT check-list includes reporting of such adverse events as item 19 of the CONSORT statement. Only proper and systematic reporting of side effects will allow adequate assessment of the potential net benefit of any intervention.

Dr Ramesh Manocha

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