Dr Ramesh Manocha: The implications of my research

The fact that the mental silence construct, more than any other factor my research, correlated positively with a wide range of health measures raises interesting implications in several areas of study. The findings emanating from my research imply that the notion of mental silence and its associated yogic philosophy, may be important in the ongoing development of our understanding of meditation and the various definitions and taxonomies that relate to it. It also provides some new clues for scholars interested in the “essential factors” of religiosity and the question as to why some forms of religiosity are beneficial and others not. Furthermore, it provides empirical data that may help to progress the ongoing debate about the theoretical differences between “religiousness” and “spirituality”. Perhaps most important of all they provide empirical evidence of a positive relationship between a well-defined state of consciousness and health and wellbeing. That, it is asserted, constitutes a significant contribution to the nascent field of consciousness research as well as our understandings of health. It implies a nexus between religiosity, consciousness and health that is accessible to measurement. The practical ramifications are that meditation may have a valuable role to play in the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness primarily as a result of the beneficial impact of the mental silence experience.

Dr Ramesh Manocha

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  1. C L Patel

    Dear Dr Manocha,
    Thank you so much for relating mental silence with other areas of study. I am not well informed about many aspects of health measures. But we can say that our natural state is happiness. It is felt by our mind. Our mind senses and measures the whole state of our being and makes us feel what is wrong with us.One way is to get complete medical check up and diagonise the problem and get it treated by medication. All right it gives relief for some time but does not remove the root cause. It may come again.
    After kundalini awakening i have seen the removal of the root cause of the problem. Because the problem is of psychosomatic and is related to our consciousness. The purification of consciousness is done by kundalini only because she is the creator of this body, mind and emotions etc. So when we go to thoughless awareness which is possible only by manifestation of kundalini on one’s Sahastrara. Kundalini is the origin or root of all what we see outside and feel inside and interect with each other. So She is the real dharma or religion to be awakened and manifest fully on our Sahastrara. I hope you will gorgive me for my mistakes.

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