The literature on meditation

An extensive search of the scientific literature identified 3,500 peer-reviewed publications that featured “meditation” as a key word. Yet, of these, only 135 (approximately 4%) fulfilled the very basic requirements of experimental evaluation, i.e. they were prospective trials using control groups and random allocation. Importantly, even within this subset of more rigorous studies, there is no convincing evidence that meditation has a specific effect. In fact within this set of randomised controlled trials (RCTs), there appeared to be an inverse relationship between methodological rigour and likelihood of an outcome that is favourable to meditation.

Dr Ramesh Manocha



    Dear Sir,

    Jai shree Mataji,
    I am vijay from Delhi, India, I have read few articles of your, these are marvelous.
    Sir, since you are doing research, and discovering the scientific aspects behind the real joy we are achieving by doing Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Kindly clear my one query.
    During Sahaj Havan at my new flat in delhi photos were clicked by mobile phone, and some pictures shown white rays or vibrations are coming out of havan kund and even in one rare picture, some energy bundle sort of light ray comes out from my brother’s mooladhara chakra place.
    What are these rays and what is there wavelength.
    Why they are not seen by naked eyes and only captured in photos.

    Please share your email id i want to share the pictures with you for more details as there is no option to attach these pictures.

    With love and regards

    Vijay K Chandra
    Mumbai, India

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