The effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on ADHD symptoms

Dr Ramesh Manocha carried out a randomised controlled trial to assess the impact Sahaja Yoga meditation (SYM) has on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms.

The results of this trial program indicate that SYM has potential as an adjunctive therapy for children with ADHD when offered via a family treatment approach and in combination with existing medical treatment. Although results were limited by the small number of children for whom complete data was available, the consistency of the findings, which drew on different measures of child outcomes, different groups of children and both parent and child respondents, along with the significance of the results, points to the positive potential of this approach.

Core symptoms of ADHD were improved. Parent ratings on the Connors Parent-Teacher Questionnaire, which assesses attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, were significantly reduced over the course of the program. Children also reported that they felt calmer, less panicky, and more relaxed. Parents reported that the children’s approach to school and homework had improved during the SYM program, while the children themselves said that they were more able to concentrate at school. Improved sleep was another positive outcome reported by parents and children.

Evidence for the effectiveness of the SYM intervention, over other possible contributors was provided by the group of “wait-list” children whose baseline ADHD scores remained the same over two pre-treatment assessment points. It consequently dropped significantly over the 6-week SYM program.

Dr Ramesh Manocha wrote an article “2001: A Cosmic Metaphor” in his old student magazine “Knowledge of Reality”. In the article Dr Manocha considers the metaphors the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey made regarding the ancient Eastern outlook on life, the universe and everything.

“Dave, in crossing the void of space (ignorance), surviving the maniacal Hal 9000 (the mind, source of most delusion), the even more terrifying expurgation of his own being (that psychedelic experience which was the process of purification) attained a direct connection (yoga) with the cosmic awareness (self realisation).”

The full article can be found at

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