Meditation for menopausal symptoms

14 subjects experiencing menopausal symptoms, who were not on any other treatments were enrolled into a twice weekly, 8 week meditation programme. Pre, post and 8 week follow-up assessments included Hot Flush Diary, Greene’s. MENQOL, Kupperman, POMS, STAI self report questionnaires.  Significant improvements in all measures occurred at post treatment. Changes in vasomotor symptoms, especially hot flushes, were most prominent:. A significant decrease in mean hot flush frequency of 67%(p<.05) at post-treatment and 57%(p<.05) at follow-up. Kupperman’s Index score decreased by 58%(p<.05) at post-treatment and 40%(p<.05) at follow-up. All other symptom measures improved significantly from baseline to post-treatment.

journal publication

Dr Ramesh Manocha

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